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We have an admissions process.  You must get applied, and then complete the video interview.  After the video interview further information is emailed (Virtual Tour and Admissions Packet).  The next steps after the video interview is to set up family meetings, and if possible, come for an in-person tour.

Apply to Pinnacle Academy

We take your application to Pinnacle Academy admissions very seriously. Our admissions team reviews and accesses each application. In the qualification process, our staff will personally interview each applicant to determine if your desired goals are achievable and if our program is a proper match for you.  Admission to Pinnacle Academy is both selective and competitive.  Complete these steps to reserve your place in our 10-Month elite basketball training immersion program.

Step 1:  Complete Application

Step 2:  Qualification Video Interview Process

Step 3:  Crusader's/Family Meetings Set Up

Step 4:  In-Person Tours if Necessary

Step 5:  Complete Background Check Requirement

Step 6:  The Player Contract & Student-Athlete Commitment Contract must be received along with the Deposit                        (Pay Deposit HereOnce this is received your place on our roster is reserved.  

Step 7:  Once the Contracts and Deposit are received further steps will be conducted.  

  • A Workout Plan will be sent.

  • A Recruiting Profile will be built.  

  • Gear will be ordered.  

  • Housing will need to be reserved.

Pinnacle Academy

P.O. BOX 702957

Tulsa, OK 74170


***You will be further notified of additional steps, if they are required, to reserve your place at our elite basketball training program. You will be required to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.


Please see the categories below for additional information:

Submit Transcripts Transcript Request Form 

Regular High School Diploma

Submit official high school transcript (sealed), which must include graduation date and diploma type. Please mail sealed official high school transcripts to: Mail to: Pinnacle Academy (Upon Request)


High School Equivalency Diploma

Submit official scores from the agency that administered the high school equivalency examination. Partial high school transcripts must also be submitted, if applicable.









Potential candidates with a regular high school diploma must provide valid ACT or SAT scores taken within the last three years. Additionally, Experience Academy will accept either national ACT scores or Residual ACT scores for admissions purposes. 



Go to the NCAA Eligibility Center at Eligibility Center

Scroll down and you will need to: Create an Account

Your NCAA ID # will be in the right-hand corner. This number does not mean that you are cleared. It is just an account number.  After you have answered all of the questions about education and athletics you'll need to have your high school send an Official Transcript to the NCAA. NCAA Code: 9999

If you haven't started the initial NCAA Eligibility process, we recommend completing this as soon as possible and creating your account.

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