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  • What is a Post Graduate Year?
    A postgraduate, or “PG year” as it is often called, is a one semester or for a full academic year depending on the program and the needs of the individual pursued between graduation from high school and enrollment at a college or university. Anyone who has graduated from high school and has not entered college is considered a Postgraduate or PG as these programs are offered at many independent schools throughout the country and usually involves a residential experience.
  • Who might be interested in a postgraduate year?
    There are many reasons for enrolling at a post grad program. As a student athlete you provide yourself with the best opportunity to better yourself as student first and athlete second. There are many reasons to consider a PG program which include but not limited to: * Raise GPA for NCAA or a specific school. * Raise SAT or ACT for NCAA or specific school. * Increase your physical growth and development * Gain more exposure at a higher level of competition * Development as an athlete and mature mentally. * Unhappy with college choices coming out of high school.
  • How do colleges view students who complete a postgraduate year?
    College admission offices generally appreciate any program or course of study which enhances the probability that students will be well prepared to succeed upon entrance at their institutions. Coaches value young men who have additional preparation behind them as they are more prepared to succeed at the next level.
  • How do students benefit from a postgraduate year?
    There are many ways that students benefit from Post Grad programs such as Pinnacle Academy. All students begin their year at Pinnacle Academy on a new scale as new students, who are able to enjoy a fresh start with a second chance at getting it right. Opportunities such as the ones listed, provides each student with the opportunity to progress through the postgraduate year as a common experience. * Athletic programs that are designed to reflect a real college like experience * Programs designed to develop the skills * Small classes * Class and program schedules which mirror those of a college campus * College preparation and readiness * Daily class schedule * Use of advanced technology * Student residential & dormitory atmosphere life
  • Are Post Grad students able to compete in sports?
    Yes, students who attend a post grad program are able to compete in sports during this very important transitional time which does not affect your NCAA eligibility. Athletes actually enhance their chances to continue their football or sports career at the collegiate level by way of scholarship. Athletically students are eligible to compete against NCAA junior varsity teams, Prep Schools and other College Programs. Colleges throughout the country fully recognize the value of students who have attended a post grad program because of the level of maturity that athlete’s obtained.
  • How and when does a student apply for postgraduate year of study?
    Admission to a post grad program is a never ending story. Most students who consider a postgraduate year are concurrently exploring college options. Some students apply for admission to colleges, wait for the results of the process, and then decide to apply for admission to a PG year in the spring for their senior year. Applying for admission to Pinnacle Academy is much like completing college admission application. Pinnacle Academy requires: a completed application form with fee, letters of recommendation, student essay, an official high school transcript, SAT and/or ACT test results and other forms requested which maybe review on our website
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