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Coaching, Training, and Skill Development:

Our coaching staff are highly qualified professionals who love the game of basketball! Coaching will be specialized to give both individualized as well as team training. The coaching staff will be personally involved in your son’s/daughter's growth and skill development. Skill development will consist of focusing on the fundamentals with elite training in: dribbling, ball handling, passing, shooting, playing styles, defense, defense styles, running plays, team cohesion, basketball IQ, basketball psychology, etc. A strong emphasis is placed on mastery of their current skills and position the player is best suited for.


Training will consist of working with fitness trainers if desired during workouts, weightlifting, resistance training, and cardio while leveraging endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, and recovery in workouts. Most days will consist of 3-4 hours of basketball training, and 3-4 hours of workouts. The remainder of the day will be centered around eating, resting, personalized interviews, goal setting and achievement (i.e. part of the Professional Exposure & Branding Product), educational needs and pursuits, as well as leadership and character development classes and spiritual devotions. When the season begins our conditioning is tailored back to prevent injuries.


Mentoring, Leadership Development & Individualized Life-Coaching:

Each player will receive individualized mentoring, character and leadership training, interviewing skills, career and entrepreneurship options, and personalized life-coaching. The game of basketball is not all about skill and talent, it is also about the heart and mind. Here at Pinnacle Academy we prioritize the development of the attitudes and mindset of success and excellence. This is a 10-month immersion program, which means there is time for us to focus on the key areas that need to be addressed by using evidence-based methodologies in order to leverage the most positive change. Our post-graduate basketball program is unique, because we will teach and present various career options to help form a well-rounded young adult who is able to face the world with boldness. We take this part of the process of our program very seriously, because not every player accepted into our program will receive a Division 1 full scholarship. Therefore, we seek to develop and equip the whole individual (player) for their long-term success, while training them for Division 1 skill-set experience.


Facilities (Gym, Workout, & Referees):

Here at Pinnacle Academy we have our practices and physical training at two locations. In keeping with our 10-month immersion program the training will consist of focusing on weightlifting, resistance training, and cardio while leveraging endurance, strength, balance, flexibility and recovery during workouts. At the workout location, student-athletes will have access to a personal trainer, locker rooms and showers, massage chairs and massage beds, and more. Referees are hired for local games.

At our team training facility there is a Vertimax machine that players can utilize to increase their athletic performance, which helps to improves speed, explosive power, agility, and vertical jump. Additionally, Plyometric training will be utilized throughout the elite training program.  When student-athletes decide to sign and commit, we will send a Workout Plan for them to be doing before arrival.

The players will push through boundaries and achieve new goals:

The strength and conditioning program will be based on an initial physical evaluation at the workout facility for each player with a focus of:






On-court elite basketball skill training:








We use professional services to maintain accurate records for stat keeping.


Elite Basketball Schedule:

Our schedule is one of the best in the nation.  We play against the nation’s top ranked opponents.  In addition, we also play against Division 2, Division 3, and NAIA Universities, as well as Junior Colleges to enable student-athletes to get a real experience of the level of competition they are striving after.


Professional Recruiting Services:

We utilize the best recruiting services in the nation. This is included in the tuition, and the platform will enable student-athletes to email virtually every D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and Junior College coach in the nation. The emails will have confirmation if the college coach has opened the emails, and specifically which college coach opened the email. Student-athletes will be trained in great detail on how the recruiting process works. A recruiting profile will be built, and players will be trained on how to effectively communicate with college coaches.


Professional Photography & Video Services:

Here at Pinnacle Academy we have high-quality cameras that provide superior photo and video quality. This gives parents and loved ones the opportunity to watch videos and games that are played at your leisure. This enables loved ones to experience a closeness while your son is away experiencing our 10-month post-graduate basketball training program.

The games will also be uploaded to YouTube and other online platforms to ensure maximum platform exposure. This enables a web presence for them to point to in their future, as well as a personal connection for you to watch your son in action. We also hire professional photographers and videographers who will produce high quality media, highlights, and mixtapes for your son to assist in their exposure and branding profile.


Professional Exposure & Branding Product:

Our professional exposure and branding product are part of the flagship experience your son will have at our unique 10-month immersion program. Upon completion you will receive a package via mail that will have detailed information that coaches are looking for. This package will enable you to be prepared for any college or coach seeking to recruit your son by providing them with the information they need to do a proper assessment of your skills, talent, attitude, education, goals, and vision for the future.  This is also a great keepsake for the player and family to have.

Each player will be professionally interviewed on our podcast, as well as personal video interviews. These interviews are part of the exposure and branding. Additionally, we help your son build up his social media accounts, and will teach him how to effectively be involved in the recruiting process. This begins to prepare them for future interviews (both for sports and career), but it builds the confidence they need to succeed. Additionally, we have professional photographers and videographers that come to practices and games, which will assist in building the profile and branding for your son/daughter.

At the end of the season, all photographs, videos, highlights, bloopers, etc. will be sent directly to the family for their personal use and keepsake. Some of the material will get posted on our various Social Media Accounts, but all the material will go directly to the family at the end of the program.


Hotel & Travel Expenses:

Travel expenses will include meals and snacks on the road during away games. Additionally, a passenger van(s) will be used to get players to practice, workouts, and games (home & away). Drivers may be hired from time to time to ensure players arrive safely to their destinations. We prefer that no player use his personal vehicle for travel to training and games, but to travel and arrive and leave as a team.   Additionally, on certain away-games there will be times when the players will be staying in hotels, or Airbnb, which may be a time of room sharing. All travel costs are included in the tuition, as well as players will be fed on away games, and during multi-day tournaments.



Various types of insurance are utilized to ensure maximum safety. Passenger insurance, housing insurance, and sports insurance are all part of our program that help protect the safety and well-being of your son. 


ACT Academic Prep with Assistance (If Required):

Education is extremely important to us.  We will have personal time set aside for those studying and taking the exam. Professional tutors and assistance will be provided to help navigate the course material in order to give the best preparation for the ACT exam.  The ACT Prep consists of a 6-8 weeks in-person course along with personal and professional tutors.  An online portal with additional coursework, quizzes, and practice tests is also provided that student-athletes will have access to for us to one year.  In addition to athletic scholarships, student-athletes can also receive academic scholarship based on high ACT scores.  This is important because not all college scholarship offers are full rides, so we encourage all players to maximize the time they have at our program to best position themselves.


Certificate of Completion:

Upon the completion of our program you will receive a certificate of completion with posted awards that have been earned.



*For details on our program packages and tuition investment - please Complete the Application and complete the video interview, and schedule a tour for the next steps in reserving your place at Pinnacle Academy

  • Strength and Conditioning: stamina, power, speed, agility, flexibility, injury prevention

  • Team practice and plays

  • Games against high-level players on nationally ranked teams

  • Ball handling

  • Shooting

  • Offensive scoring moves

  • Defense

  • Increasing flexibility and joint stability

  • Increasing core strength and balance

  • Increasing power output

  • Increasing overall strength and improving body composition

  • Improving lateral and linear agility and reaction

  • Increasing cardiovascular capacity and general conditioning

  • Injury prevention

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