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Statement of Low Costs


In recent years the cost of attending a Post-Graduate program in the United States has spiraled out of control and has put serious crimp in the American Dream. At Pinnacle Academy,  we keep our cost down at all times!

We know how hard the average American family works to earn enough money to finance their child’s educational needs. Every dollar counts because of this, we at Pinnacle Academy has worked very hard to come up with a model that allows you to meet those needs, as well as allowing us to offer our student-athletes a great opportunity to increase their academic requirements and recruiting exposure. We have a beautiful facility, and our staff is of the highest quality, with all members having college and professional level experience. But while other programs are raising tuition fees, Pinnacle is going in the opposite direction, by lowering our tuition fees, and increasing the services we provide our families.

By all means do your homework, check out other programs and what they offer. But in the end, if you look carefully and weigh the differences, you will realize that, dollar for dollar, Pinnacle offers an experience second to none at an incredibly manageable cost.



Total Out-of-Pocket Cost: $19,126.00

Tuition Breakdown: 

  • $3,750 - College Course (Part-Time) Housing Room/Board, Meal Plan and Nutritional Snack

  • $3,600 - Academy Training (Gym Facility Rental/Training & Strength and Conditioning Training 

  • $2,223 - Exposure and Collegiate Recruitment (Tournament Fees and College Visits)

  • $2,053 - Travel (Away Games, Tournaments, Housing)

  • $1,000 - Uniform (Home/Away Basketball Uniforms, Practice Uniforms, Travel Gear include: Team Jacket/Pants, Shooting Shirt and Backpack, Blazer/Tie)

  • $6,500 - Staffing Fee

Program Deposit & Annual Cost 

  • $2,000 - Deposit (Due within 3 Weeks of Acceptance, deposit will deducted from overall tuition)

  • $19,126 - Annual Yearly Cost

  • $1,712 - Monthly (We are partners with a competitive lender program) 


The Above Cost Includes the following:

  • National Accredited Construction Vocational Training Program

  • Academic Support and Counseling

  • Transportation to Games and (2) Meals

  • Strength and Conditioning Program

  • NCAA Clearance Evaluation-Not Registration

  • Recruiting Promotion

  • Hudl Services

  • Academy Apparel


Graduates Additional Services and Other Possible Cost:

ACT/SAT Prep-$300.00 (Test Not Included)

NCAA Approved Courses-$600.00 

College Course (2) Classes-$750.00 per Course (Courses Will Not Start Eligibility Clock)

(These Course can be paid for through Federal Student Aid)

Pick-up and drop-off from housing Only

Once accepted at Pinnacle Academy, parents are required to confirm enrollment within 3 weeks. Meaning program deposit is paid in full to secure student-athletes roster spot. If deposit isn’t received within (21) of acceptance student-roster spot will be vacated.


Not Included but Needed:

  • NCAA Clearinghouse Registration

  • Laptop Computer with Camera and Wireless Capability

  • Individual Health Insurance

Ask about
tuition discount!!

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